PD for traveling sales rep?

I recently met with a woman who is pursuing transplant at my center. She does CCPD and wants to return to work but it requires a lot of travel. She is a sales rep and does overnights. She is feeling stymied and I offered to reach out. I haven’t worked in a dialysis clinic for a LONG time but don’t remember these challenges.

She didn’t get a definitive answer but when she talked to the Baxter team, they told her that they couldn’t ship supplies for a 3 night trip for fun so she believes they would not ship for overnight trips.
Is there a minimum length of trip before supplies can be shipped?

She has a umbilical hernia that was repaired once but quickly failed. She was told that she cannot lift heavy objects which would include her cycler and dialysate.
Are there ways to access a “loaner” cycler so she doesn’t have to lug that around?
She is able to walk airports independently, but would need help with the cycler and bag of dialysate.
What is the best way to manage that?
Is there a way to ensure that airline staff to help her load/unload those items from the overhead bin?

I will also direct her to this resource. She is so discouraged.
Thank you
Lara Tushla

I know I’m a broken record, but has she considered just doing manual extraneal for the three days? It will keep BUN and Cr and make it so she’s doesn’t have to take the cycler. She can call 1.888.kidney-0. There is always a way to succeed if you have the right people in your corner!

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I brought up that option. She said that she would be in meetings all day. I said she could do the manual exchanges overnight. When I worked in dialysis 23 years ago, CAPD was much more common. And I think for some people a better option. Pros and Cons to all types of renal replacement therapy, so patients have to decide what will work best for them! Do they have to different transfer sets like in the olden days or is it more universal now? I mentioned this group to her. Also. is there a minimum number of days you have to be away for a PD supplier to ship?

Here’s info from Baxter on extraneal (icodextrin) that discusses use and contraindications. It can dwell for 12 hours with CAPD and 14-16 hours with cycler. She might want to show this to her doctor and ask about how she could use it for occasional business travel.

Do her business trips take her to the same place(s)? If so, could she have a couple of boxes shipped to store in those offices where she could do a manual exchange at lunch and other exchanges at her hotel. Another option might be to pack and ship the cycler and solutions as checked baggage and ask for help (with a tip) to put those things on a rolling cart. Here’s a blog on traveling with a PD cycler or NxStage machine that might have some ideas.
Leaving on a Jet Plane: Flying with a PD Cycler or NxStage System One - Home Dialysis Central.

I haven’t heard of Baxter refusing to ship supplies for a few days. Was she traveling outside the U.S. for that 3 day fun trip?

I posted your question to the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group and provided the link to this Forum. Hopefully someone will respond to my post here or on Facebook. You might suggest that your patient join the closed FB group at Facebook Groups. People who want to join must answer 3 questions to be let into the group by one of the administrators.

I am sending her all of this information and hopefully she will soon join the Home Dialysis Center community.

The travel is all in the US.

Thank you for your ideas and I am so glad I can offer her some suggestions and direction.

I got my Freedom machine from Fresenius, and their support has been very good. There is a carrying wheeled case for lugging along the cycler, but I just have it gate checked at the gate and it is waiting for me at the end of the plane trip. I have had 3 day supplies of dialysate shipped to the hotel (a reservation number is needed) and it worked out well. I do 5 cycles during the night then go without a load during the day, leaving me able to do whatever I want for about 14 hours.