PD machine

Hi everyone,

I hear a lot of you talk about PD machines, so it seems to me like most people on PD choose a cycler like Baxter to do the work. My question is: how can I get a PD cycler? Can anyone recommend a durable cycler, and what is the price range for a good quality machine? I am anxiously looking to buy one for my father who lives overseas (I live in New York).

I have found several types on the web site below but, no information as how to get one. I got my eyes on the Liberty Cycler; anyone tried it?



Hi Brooklyn,

You don’t hear about people buying machines, because in the U.S., that’s not generally how it works. When someone does in-center hemodialysis, they go to a clinic. When they do home dialysis (hemo or PD), it is also handled through a clinic. The clinic provides the machine, supplies, and training, and is reimbursed by Medicare.

Your family member will need more than just a PD cycler to do PD. Each day s/he will need to use bags of sterile PD fluid. So, your best bet is to have him or her work through suppliers in the country involved. Baxter and Fresenius are the two companies that make PD cyclers and fluid. Both are international and sell their machines all over the world.

If your family member lives in a country that is somehow not supplied by Baxter or Fresenius, there are a few companies that specialize in rebuilding dialysis machines and selling them in other countries. You can find those on this page of our site, right at the top: http://www.homedialysis.org/resources/links/. But you would have to figure out how to also get the training and daily supplies. The machine by itself is not enough.