Pd manual drain pain

Drain pain
I just started PD dialysis at home manually for about a week and a half but I’m getting extreme drain pain what it is it’s like a knife going up my butt or my rectum whatever you want to call it and I’ve tried slowing down the drain I’ve tried leaving a little more fluid in there I don’t know what else to do just curious if anybody else has had this usually it goes away a little bit after I drain sometimes I wake up in the morning and my rectum still hurts any suggestions thoughts or what I should tell my dialysis team

I have the same problem. My feeling is that it’s caused by the catheter tip touching a nerve. I did some research awhile back and discovered that it is believed that many cases of drain pain are due to improper placement of the catheter.

Drain pain is awful! I gathered tips from a lot of folks who do PD about ways to deal with PD pain. You can find that here, and hopefully there is something in it that will work for you. View from the Bed: How to Cope with PD Cycler Pain - Home Dialysis Central

My husband has started PD and the drain pain is unbearable, what make si worse is the nurses right from the beginning have told him there is no pain and they don’t k ow why it is hurting him, I pushed for them request an x ray which after a month they finally agreed to, The clinic has lied numerous times about how PD works, it has made a horrible experience, There is no quality of life to this.

I did PD at the start, now I’m doing HD. The drain pain was terrible, so I switched to HD, and I haven’t looked back since.