PD Migration of catheter


My husband had PD surgery to have the catheter placed inside of him. He started working for about a month and then he would start getting alerts when it was draining. He eventually stopped draining totally and they did an x-ray to find out that it’s not in the right position. He’s now having incredible side pains and they did a CT and it showed that it was rubbing on his organs. When he goes to have it fixed, will it be done in the operating room or how do they fix that. He can’t get an appointment to see the surgeon until the 25th. Any experience would be helpful.


I posted a message on the Home Dialysis Central’s Facebook group asking if anyone there has had this experience. I provided the link to this post, but you might get a faster response to this and other questions by joining the Facebook group. You can find the group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeDialysisCentral/.


One of the patients in the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group posted this:
“It really depends. They can “attempt,” to reposition it while he’s awake by basically “snaking,” a surgical wire down the length of the tube and adjusting it using imaging and send him home and see if it improves over a few days time. If that fails, it would likely require opening him up again to adjust it physically.”


Mine had to come out. It got infected and migrated as well. He will have to undergo surgery to fix it.