PD newbie

Hello, I’m four weeks old with my catheter. Just completed my PD training today and getting use to doing these manual exchanges.

I have couple questions—

  • Does the nausa feeling go away overtime during filling? What have others done to combat this feeling?

  • Before I was diagnosed I enjoyed weightlifting, I’m now told it can injure the peritoneal. Does anyone still workout?

I started a blog to help verbalize my ordeal, and possibly diagloue with others in a similar situation. Check it out and please comment if you have any useful information. I way I see it we’re all in it together, and we should learn from our collective experiences.


How are things going? Any possibility of using a cycle so PD can be done at night while you speep?

im on the cycler. everytime the machine fills me i get an upset-stomach-feeling as well. you will get used to it. it bothers me more when the machine is almost done draining me initially…i get such bad cramps sometimes. but overall i would definitely recommend pd over hemo, so its totally worth a little discomfort now and then…

Mairis check with you PD nurse about bypassing the initial drain or cutting the MLs down. My husband did this when he started PD, He only had the cramps on the initial drain. His nurse did change the ML of the initial drain. He did not experience an upset stomach.

I feel that these discomforts can be worked out. Hang in there.

I just received my Fresenius cycler this past Friday afternoon. It seems more complex at home in my bedroom with all the lines. I will begin using the cycler tonight…look forward to a postive experience.

Let us know how it goes for you, Marshall.

Cycler is going well, especially like the freedom during the daylight hours. I have noticed odd drops in my energy between noon and two o’clock. Most recently I have been feeling a strong tug on my testicles during the drain cycle of the cycler. This sensation is extremely intense and often wakes from a sound sleep. I’m going to try reducing my inital drain time, but not sure exactly how to go about it…looks like I need to reduce the last fill volume.

BTW: I’m using Fresenius Cycler currently

Hi Marshall. Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing! I can certainly imagine how feeling a tug on your testicles would wake you up from sleep! I have to wonder if:
– Your catheter tip is really low (position can be checked with an X-ray)
– Perhaps you have an inguinal (groin) hernia (do you ever notice swelling in your testicles?)
– Leaving a little more fluid in might stop the pulling

You might ask your PD nurse about those possibilities. As far as the low energy between noon & 2, I wonder about your blood sugar levels. Do you have diabetes? Even if you don’t, the PD fluid has a lot of sugar. You might set up an appointment during that noon-to-two time span and ask your PD nurse to check your blood sugar then.

This is Marshall:

I was thinking along the same lines of having a low positioned catheter. Especially since this tugging feeling only occurs while laying on my back. When I was doing seated manual exchanges I felt nothing.

And no I have not experienced any swelling in my testicles ( Thank God!)

I did modify my last fill from 1800 to 1600, which effects the inital drain value. The machine looks for 85% drainage before moving on to the next cycle. This seemed to do the trick. The tugging feeling was far less and then it was over.

I’m not diabetic, at least not at this point. My wife believes my normal circadian rhythm, and when I think back to when I was healthy she might be correct…although now during those times I can drift off to sleep at a moments notice if not activiety doing anything.

Hi Marshall,

Glad you’re already getting some relief, and glad you’re not diabetic. I still wonder about a sort of “sugar crash,” maybe from the last fill PD fluid? Eating a snack with protein or maybe drinking coffee (if you like coffee) might help you overcome that. Getting up and walking around for a bit to clear your head might work, too. In general, when folks are physically active, they tend to have more energy. On PD, this is best done while you’re empty.

My husband was the same way and had to have the cathedar manipulated. It was rubbing up against his spleen.

He did have dialysis related vomiting during a manuel exchange. A GI doctor prescribed a stomach emptying medication and it has resolved.

Marshall here, what is the meaning of NET UF? Generally speaking my Net UF at end of cycle has been ranging between 500-800. Most recently, it’s coming in at 30.

No changes, other than blood pressure has become more controlled. Not sure if this is a problem.

Who are you and what are your credentials? On what research do you base your blanket prohibition of patients exercising on PD?

You have posted >30 messages some of which have been in messages that haven’t been posted to for 6-12 months or longer. Although all your messages use the same login, you have signed them using multiple names, all of which are linked to QMS, a medical billing software company. Are you posting to help people or to promote the company you work for?


Thank you for sharing your story… I am new to this as well… I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with PKD 2 years ago and have a stomach like a 9 month pregnant woman… I started my PD just over 2 months ago and I was ok with the manual exchanges but just under a month ago I switch to the machine and the initial drain was killing my lower area… I just deal with it and hope one day I will get a kidney transplant…

if you ever need someone to talk to feel free and email me…


Hi Glenn,

If the cycler is painful for you, why not switch back to manual exchanges, or even consider home HD?


It is getting better…The pain is all gone but now i am having cathder problems… I can not drain or fill in two days… I spoke to Baxter and they tell me I need to get speak to my RN and she is out today… I think it will be fine…

On the good side… I have a meeting with a Dr. to have both kidneys removed relive the pain and make room for my transplant…

I will keep everyone posted !!!


This is Marshall…just wanted to spread the news…I’m getting my transplant next Thursday @ Emory in Atlanta!!

I’m so happy…I’m also thankful for the supportive advise provided here on this site.

Congrats Marshall! I just received my transplant september 8th after being on peritoneal dialysis for 3 years. like you, i am also very thankful for the help i’ve received from this site. i hope all goes well with your transplant!

Good luck with your transplant surgery and recuperation. Let us know how you’re getting along after the transplant.