PD & Pets. Is There a Problem

My husband is on HD at a center, has been since 4/26/06 & is seeing a doctor tomorrow to talk about a catheter to change to PD.
He said it was mentioned, at the center, that cats should not be allowed in the same room when he does his PD. He will probably be using a cycler.

Is this true. What is the danger & does this mean the cats are never allowed in his room or just when he is doing PD which will be while he is sleeping. How about the dog should she stay out too.
We have cats & a dog.

Another question I have is he has a fistula, but at the dialysis Center they are using the Central Venous Catheter. I have read that there is more of a danger of infection using a CVC. The fistula is about seven weeks old, should they switch to that or is it too soon.

There is so much to learn about dialysis & it’s wonderful to be able to come to this message board for help. I appreciate it so much.

First regarding the fistula…it may be too soon to stick. It usually takes longer for a fistula to develop and the nurses probably don’t want to stick his fistula too soon and have a problem.

Rules about pets vary. When your spouse is doing an exchange, it’s best to have pets out of the room because of germs and pet dander. Dialysis staff worry that pets could chew on the lines at night if they’re in the room while you’re sleeping. You might want to ask your doctor and/or nurse what their recommendation is.

I have been doing night time PD for almost a year now and my cat knows when I start setting up my machine, she wants to sit and watch every step I take. I boot her out of the room just when I hook up, then she is allowed back in the room. I put the comforter over the excess tubing and she sleeps next to me all night. I have not had any problems, I just keep everything wiped down with clorox wipes. She is not a heavy shedder and she doesn’t go outside. My husband really wants a puppy, but there is no way, since puppies chew and all the PD tubing is plastic, that’s a chance I won’t take.

Good Luck!

Thanks very much for the replies, they make sense. Cats & dog will be banished from the room. Actually only the dog goes in my husbands room & she can sleep with me…no problem.

When I was on PD my cat liked to chew at the lines, so he got booted out of the bedroom. I would advise not to let pets into the room where you set up. It is so easy to get an infection on PD, and the more infections you get, the more scarred your peritoneal membrane gets, meaning PD will become less effective.
Last time I was setting up my machine (I am on HD), I went to connect one of the lines to the recirulator and there was a cat hair right on the end of it!! I had to throw everything out and start again! And the cat wasnt even in the room with me at the time.

  1. My hubby is getting ready to go back on PD after 2 years of in clinic hemo due to his getting a bad yeast infection. I work as a pet groomer. I make sure to change my clothes in a different room from where he does dialysis. I don’t let our pets into the bedroom or sleep with us. I do think that pets are an important part of life but it is possible to keep them out of the room where dialysis is done.