PD Tips

What tips would you like to share with others that helped you get started and do well on PD?

Someone said that it’s possible to use “ostomy bags” to cover up your PD catheter so it stays dry when you swim, but I put “ostomy bags” into Google, and it looks like there are about 30 or 40 dfferent kinds. Does anybody know:
– Which kind or size of bags work to tuck the catheter into?
– Where you get them from?
– Do you need a doctor’s prescription?
– Are they pretty easy to get back off again after you’re done swimming?
– How much do they cost?

I’d really appreciate your help.

I am with a home unit that has both PD and Hemo and we have devised methods of covering all sorts of catheters for water exposure. We don’t recommend long water exposures no matter what the water. Yes, we show patients how to use an ostomy bag for PD catheters. I really don’t know about all of the sizes and types, I keep a supply here in the clinic to give to patients when they are planning a trip. The prices will depend on the brand and the pharmacy where you shop. As far as I know, you do not need a doctor’s order to obtain these supplies at the pharmacy. I do know that not all pharmacies carry the supplies, so you may have to hunt a little find what you need.

Please check with your unit/doctor before doing this! You want to make sure that you are swimming in water that is NOT pooling and NOT fresh. Salt or chlorinated only. Make sure you use an antibiotic oinment (not salve) on your exit site and then cover with the full paste-lined ostomy set that clips closed. It is fairly easy to remove, most ostomy users change it up to daily if needed. You can do a PD treatment while the bag is still in place if you are on a trip where you want it to stay on more than a few hours. Again, check with your unit on all of this. Good luck!!

It’s so nice out this summer, I wanted to go camping for the weekend. I figure I can bring enough bags with me for a trip that short–we’re not backpacking, it’s car camping, with a tent. But we may or may not have an electrical hook-up.

Anybody know how I can heat up the bags if I don’t have power at my campsite?

If it’s warm outside, you can try putting a bag on the dashboard of your car to let it warm up during the day. Be careful, though, it could get too hot.

Not sure what you’d do at night?

John is right. One can put bags in the car or on a blanket in the sun. Check them regularly to make sure they don’t get too hot and be careful not to put them near something sharp.
Two or three bags can be warmed, then wrapped in several layers of towels on other insulating material for the night and early morning exchanges. You can also run in cooler bags, but one must do it slowly so as not to get chilled.
A very important thing to consider is keeping your hands and catherter site clean while camping. Have fun ! 8)

New equipment allows you to plug heaters and coolers into cigarette lighters on cars. If you plan to go car camping, talk with your PD nurse about what you can use to warm your PD bag.

Stickman Industries makes rather pricey 12/120 volt warmers.
Good luck. --Bruce

I have an 82 yr. old Mother going on Dialysis for the first time. Her Doctor suggested PD. We have our first meeting with the PH Nurse next week. She has not yet had the catheter inserted. As you probably know she is a “little scared”. I have done a lot of research on PD and HD, and feel PD is the right choice for her, and she agrees. I’m not sure what I am asking - but I am thankful there is a stie where you can talk with “real people” about these issues. I’m sure I will be back after we have our first meeting.

Welcome! We’re glad that you found our site. If you haven’t read about the two types of PD from the home page of this site, I’d suggest that you do that. You can also read stories about patients on PD. You can also read about options for treatment, including PD on Kidney School, one of our sister sites at http://www.kidneyschool.org. As a family member you might also be interested in a booklet from Life Options called New Life, New Hope: A Booklet for Families and Friends of Renal Patients. You can find it on http://wwwlifeoptions.org. Look under free materials.

Thanks Beth. I have already discovered “Kidney Schiool” - Great information, and I will be contacting “Life Options” for the family booklet. I am aware of the two types of PD - my mother would rather have the Cycler treatment.

Is there someone out there that is near 82 and on PD? I need all the positive information I can get to help her relax more.

Thanks and I hope and prayer for each of one you.

:smiley: I am an Ostomate. Meaning I have an Ostomy. They are definately waterproof, and I can see how they would work for keeping the catheter and site dry. If my husband knew this he’d be chasing me down. He just got his catheter and is dieing for a shower. Can’t for a few more days. So to your situation. :smiley: I use ConVaTec bags and wafers, they come in 20 bags to the box and 10 Wafers to the box. You can get them from Edgepark Medical Supply. Yes you do need a RX if you want insurance to pay for them. And Yes they are pricy but for trying them out to see if it would work for you call ConVaTec and they’ll send you a sample. Get the ET nurse to explain them to you. They have one on staff to answer Questions and help Ostomy patients. But I would recommend a 2 piece system, the bag is removable easily because they have a tupperware type seal. Snaps on Snaps off. I have gone swimming and hot tubbing with my ostomy and my only complaint is the air in the bag makes it float. So much for being descreet. You can also get them precut so you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the hole to put the catheter through. The more I think about it the more I can see it working. Taking the wafer off everyday will make your skin raw so that I don’t recommend but if you are going to be swinning everyday for a week or so you could leave the wafer on and take the bag off if you choose. Talk to a PD nurse and see if she can see if there would be any reason not to try it. I can’t though but I’m just a layman. And new at this PD stuff. My husband relies on my to find the stuff on the Internet for him to read and he reads it. He’s not good at computers. Can play cards and that’s it. Well good luck and let me know how this idea works…