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How long does the average person on pd dialysis live if nothing goes wrong?? Expect full life expectancy??

Life expectancy is an insurance concept, based on groups. You are an individual. So, as they say, your mileage may vary. In general–for groups–no-one who has kidney failure–even those who have transplants–has as long of a “life expectancy” as someone who is healthy. But, even healthy people can walk in front of a bus. If what you are really asking is whether PD offers groups of people as good a chance at survival as some other treatment options, the answer is no. The way it works out (for GROUPS) in research, is that standard in-center HD offers the poorest chance of survival. PD is next. Most people are more likely to survive the first couple of years of PD (if they do not have diabetes) than HD. Group chances of survival improve with short daily HD and are best (on dialysis) with nocturnal HD–done as many nights per week as possible. Then come deceased donor transplant (about the same survival as short daily and/or nocturnal HD). Living donor transplant has the best survival of any kidney failure treatment option.

Please keep in mind that over the course of a lifetime with kidney failure, most people use a number of different treatment options. You can always start with one and then switch to another.