Peg Buttonhole System

I am curious about the peg system used in Europe and Canada. It seems to make a lot of sense and would make self cannulation easier. I read a previous post in which the patient went to Canada to have one placed. The peg was called a Biohole. I’d like to know what the cost is to have one placed in Canada? And if it’s a good idea considering US doctors don’t use them yet? Is there return visits that would need to be made? Any information or links you have on this topic would be very helpful. I’m currently using in center dialysis but plan to change to home hemodialysis. I’m 32 years old and expect to have many years of dialysis ahead of me, so I’m trying to find the best solutions for maintaining and increasing the life of my fistula. Thank you, Kate

Yes the Biohole was started in Japan in 2003 and Europe about 6 to 7 years ago that is when I heard about. Canada about two years ago.From what I have heard talking to my Europe and Canada friends in dialysis it is the way to go. Cannualtion is done with a 15g needle after treatment is stopped the needle is pulled and after the bleeding has stopped the device is placed and left in for two weeks. during the two weeks cannualtion is performed in the rope ladder cannulation. After two Weeks the biohole is pulled and you have have a perfect buttonhole it is great.The problem with Canada, two are three Providences there has been a problem with infections, have said that at the end of Feb 2014 we have 52,214 buttonhole cannualtion with one infection using the scrubber technique. they cost around 80.00 to 100.00 dollors to me as a caulator they are wort it, Just a note use "touch Cannualtion "

Aloha All, I have just done a AV Graft Fistula, would this Biohole work for me. I’m doing home hemodialysis here in Okinawa, Japan, using a tunnel cath. So if it’s possible to do using a Graft Fistula I will ask my Doctor if I can have it done. Mahalo for any response.

yes : there is new martial out that you can buttonhole check with you DR to see if he put in the new type of material.I have see this at the VASA meeting in Chicago in March of 2016