Perfect Stand for NxStage

Think I have found the perfect stand for the nxStage System One machine.
It is a Bosch table saw stand TS2000. You need to make a table top to mount the NxStage machine. it is well constructed and very sturdy. Once you mount the NxStage on to the stand you can move it around and use it to load it into your VAN. CHeck out the web - 23k
Click on the picture and watch the video of how the stand would work. Think you can imagine the NxStage inplace of the table saw. I added a bracket and strap to hold the NxStage in place. when you tip the stand up on it’s edge and move the stand around, I feel the bolts holding the dialysate bag stand to the machine is not strong enough… But it really works… it makes it easy to transport and the stand comes with nice 6" air filled rubber wheels. It is a little big and bulky
I am ready for my next trip…


What about this one?

[QUOTE=billable;12468]What about this one?[/QUOTE]

This cart looks pretty good… Have you tried it?
I like the Bosch very much. Once you mount the System One on to the stand you don’t have to remove it to move it around and load it into your Van/SUV. Except if you are Flying then you need to load it into a box for the trip. It is real easy to tip up and roll around like using a hand truck to move boxes. and to set it up just twist the release and lean back on it and it pops into position without too much effort. Even use it to go down stairs and out of the door.


yeah, I was was looking at this cart a few days ago. I really like the one you found but I was wondering about having to mount and unmount it. Unless you are traveling, you don’t need it. I am curious how you would go about mounting it.

This folds down and makes a 2 wheel hand truck to help haul supplies. Folds smaller for travel, but it is higher than the one you found.

Too many decisions. I haven’t bought anything yet. I would like to see both and try them out first. Sometimes things look really good in theory and then when you get it home you wonder, “what was I thinking?”