Performing pd connection with one hand

I have a patient who has had a CVA and has no grip strength in his left hand. I am preparing him for discharge home but am trying to develop a way for him to connect himself with one hand. Does anyone have a solution or know of adaptive equipment that could be used?

This is my first posting to this site, although I have been lurking in the background for several months now. I believe that if you have a Fresenius catheter, their stay-safe pin connections for CAPD could easily be done with one hand. There is an organizer that helps hold the exchange tubing connection, while the patient holds just the end of the PD cath. Fresenius also has an adaptor for the organizer which makes it easier to turn the little knob on top - it’s hard to explain without the actual equipment. Maybe you could check with your PD nurse.

Hi Kathy, thanks so much for chiming in. I thought I’d recalled that Fresenius had a one-handed connector, but wasn’t sure. :smiley: