Peritoneal dialysis belt

Do you wear the belt above the access or below?

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I think most people wear the PD belt around their waist. If you look for “peritoneal dialysis belt” on Amazon, multiple pictures show the belt around the waist above the catheter exit site.

You might want to join the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group, which is a closed members only group to get answers to your questions. There are over 5,000 members and they’re very willing to answer questions and provide support and encouragement. You have to answer a few short questions to get admitted to the group.

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I ordered a belt that was a little snug. My wife wanted to lengthen it or said send it back. I then tried it over my shoulder like a school crossing guard. Lo and behold it worked great! The cathis underneath my arm pit ao it doesn’t show under clothes and very comfortable . So wherever its comfortable for you no hard rules.