Peritoneal dialysis india


Hi my mother has been a dialysis patient .she has been undergoing peritoneal dialysis for 2 years now. It is financially ripping and very difficult for us since the insurance doesn’t pay for peritoneal dialysis in India.
If there are any donors of peritoneal fluid Baxter specially or who have packets unopened and want to sell at lower prices . Plz contact me I would be grateful rashmi


There are barriers to people donating PD solution to your mother, including the fact that she will need a lot of it to get enough dialysis and the high cost of shipping fluids because of the weight. That said, you might want to join the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group and post your request there -

Other resources in India that may help include:
Here’s information about the Tata Trust that provides medical grants to individuals:

You might also want to contact one of these kidney organizations that might be able to help:

Here’s information about medical social work with contact info for the social worker there who able to help or refer you to someone who can…