Peritoneal dialysis pain during filling

My girlfriend Mandy is having pain during filling. It lasts awhile. Any suggestions or reaaons. She is on Peritoneal dialysis.
No problem.draining.

I’m on CAPD and have experienced pain in my shoulders, stomach, and lower abdomen. This pain is not nice but is the hardship we have to suffer for sustaining life. It may seem a strong statement to make but believe me, I would rather have the pain that last for such a short time than not being on dialysis. Please forgive me for being a bit blunt. Good luck

Mercedes, it is good of you to be so stoic about your pain, but CAPD itself does not typically lead to pain. Have you talked with your doctor about what might be causing it and whether there is anything that can be done to ease it?

Peritonitis can cause pain. Assuming your girlfriend doesn’t have that, the PD catheter may not be in the correct place. A catheter can move out of place to poke into the wall of the peritoneal cavity or into the bladder or bowel causing pain in the bladder or rectum. They can do an x-ray to find out if this is the cause of the pain. Shoulder pain can be caused if air is in the line that from the dialysate bag through the catheter into the body. Be sure to flush the line to remove any air before connecting for manual exchanges.

Lower the pole and see if that helps. It helped for me.