Peritoneal Dialysis Supplies Greenville, SC

My mom has switched to Hemodialysis and has a large amount of peritoneal dialysis supplies. Mostly green and yellow bags of solution and some cassettes and tubing extensions. We would love it if we could give them to someone that could use them. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

PD solutions are considered prescribed drugs. In the U.S. they can’t be used by another person and because fluids weigh so much, I don’t know if any international organization will take them for people overseas. You might try this organization - Donate Equipment - AMRF . You might want to check with a vet school, veterinarian’s office, or zoo to see if they can use any of those supplies including dialysate. If you can’t find anyone to take the dialysate, patients have said that they’ve drained the bags on their grass or garden and plants seem to like it.