Phosphate Additive for Nocturnal Dialysis -- Alteratives?

Like many nocturnal patients my wife requires addition of phosphate to her bicarb in order to maintain a sufficiently high serum phosphorus level. We have always used Fleet Phospho-Soda Unflavored 3.0 oz for that purpose. I’m now told that Fleet has discontinued the 3.0 oz bottle and is selling it only in 1.5 oz. This will be both inconvenient and expensive as the 1.5 oz sells for almost as much as we paid for 3.0 oz (and we, not our center, pay).

I would appreciate any information anyone might have on a suitable phosphate alternative to Fleet Phospho-Soda for this purpose.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Have you looked in Walmarts. Their brand is equate and it comes in 4.5 Fl oz. I get 2 for $1.26. It works really well for my husband when he needs it.

They kind of commonly call it a Fleet enema, even though it may be another brand. Mine is actually the abco brand. The hospital sends me whatever they are currently stocking, so I would think any sodium phosphate rectal solution would be Ok (do check with your dialysis unit, of course). Mine is a 4-1/2 oz bottle (or 133ml). It says on it "Distributed in the US by Abco Dealers Inc., Nashville TN. Luckily, I don’t pay for any of that stuff. The only time I had the actual Fleet brand, it was the wrong kind - mineral oil instead of sodium phosphate!

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Patricia & Pierre,

Thanks for your recommendations – I will follow up.