Please i need help asap

My grandfather gets diaylsis three times a week. he has been doing this in the last three years. He is now having mild brain seizures. can this be that the toxins are not being fully removed. doctors have said he will not get beter. Also, he seems as he has been in and out of understand of who is who and where he is. He is out of the country and i beileve he is not getting the care he desevres but i cannot talk to the doctors their and i do not understand my grandmother when she is giving me medical terms. I need help can someone please email me asap.

Monikabi, if your grandfather is getting dialysis three times per week, it is hemodialysis. This message board is for peritoneal dialysis. Our other message board for patients on this site is for home hemodialysis. I suggest that you post this question–and your other one about finances on the message boards for our Life Options site, at instead, and we will answer them there.