Please i need help

I need to know where to find a folding travel table to hold the cycler on trips. I have a GMC acadia .

Hey there,

You might want to check out some online retailers like Amazon or Walmart for folding travel tables. They usually have a variety of options that might suit your needs. Additionally, you can also try searching for specific travel accessories for your GMC Acadia, as there might be compatible options designed for your vehicle. Hope this helps!

You might want to join the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. There are many people in that group who are on home HD or PD and travel. They are very willing to share tips they’ve learned through travel in the U.S. and internationally. You can find that Facebook group by signing in to Facebook and searching for Home Dialysis Central.

Medical Education Institute (MEI) who administers this Forum did a webinar that’s a little less than an hour long on May 23, 2024. It covers traveling on PD and home HD with speakers who are patients and a former home training nurse who works with MEI. You can find that video at