Portable Dialysis Fluid warmers for PD patients

Hi All

Just wanted to let you know i found this great product over in the UK designed by some CAPD patient over there. Why not take a look i have mine on order, never seen anything as good.


Hey, Kman, we generally don’t like to have products advertised in our boards, but since this one seems to be a good “fit” for PD folks who might not otherwise find out about it, I wrote to the company and asked them to submit listings for our “Helpful Products Catalog” (http://www.homedialysis.org/learn/catalog/). We’ll see what they do…

Cool, I’ve never seen anything like that! I’m signing up to get one! It’ll be great for when I start work as an elementary school teacher! :smiley:

Neddie, how exciting that you’re going to be a teacher! Congratulations. :slight_smile: I hope you check that this fluid warmer will work on U.S. electrical current, since it originates in the UK. There are other bag warmers out there, and some programs are okay with using microwave ovens to heat bags (carefully), too. Or, a heating pad can be used.

> There are other bag warmers out there

I’ve been trying to find them all. I have found very few, and those cost $300 or more. I do not have that kind of money to spend on a dialysate warmer. How can I warm my dialysate in my car without spending large sums of money? Thank you!

At last!!!

Thanks for this post i have been looking for a warmer for ages!! i do have to get a US adapter though for this to work as it is a uk company but thats better than a cold bag.

thanks all

You can also find ones at Stickman. They are made in North America, so ready to plug in here. www.kidneystuff.com

you can also find one in the US at http://www.phippsbird.com/warmer.html

I see that one of these links doesn’t work and that all of these posts are over 2.5 years old.
Are there any updated links, company, information out there about Portable PD Warmers?
I travel a lot and am willing to pay a fair amount in order to have a little convenience when it
comes to my dialysis.


The one that still works that we have in our Helpful Products catalog is this:

We’ll delete the link that turned Japanese. You may also find answers in our Facebook group, if you’re on Facebook.