Portable Haemo gets smaller - Wear it!

For your info folks! Some of the wording is a little off key (Makes like home haemo is a rarity) But it’s all pretty exciting. Shame I’m not under the care of that hospital…


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Thats really great to hear, the race is on! The challenge is out there and as you can see the first researchers to truly bring a very lightweight home dialysis regimen will make the HEADLINES! Something is coming, hehehe

Thanks for sharing!
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Interesting J - I wish they had given more details. The abstracton the Lancet websitegives a bit of information - I’d like to see the full article but not for $30.

Eight patients with end-stage kidney failure (five men, three women, mean age 51·7 [SD 13·8] years) who were established on regular haemodialysis were fitted with a wearable haemodialysis device for 4–8 h. Patients were given unfractionated heparin for anticoagulation, as they would be for standard haemodialysis.


There were no important cardiovascular changes and no adverse changes in serum electrolytes or acid-base balance. There was no evidence of clinically significant haemolysis in any patient. Mean blood flow was 58·6 (SD 11·7) mL/min, with a dialysate flow of 47·1 (7·8) mL/min. The mean plasma urea clearance rate was 22·7 (5·2) mL/min and the mean plasma creatinine clearance rate was 20·7 (4·8) mL/min. Clotting of the vascular access occurred in two patients when the dose of heparin was decreased and the partial thromboplastin time returned towards the normal reference range in both of these patients. The fistula needle became dislodged in one patient, but safety mechanisms prevented blood loss, the needle was replaced, and treatment continued.

This wearable haemodialysis device shows promising safety and efficacy results, although further studies will be necessary to confirm these results.

One needle became dislodged “but safety mechanisms prevented blood loss”?? Wow I wonder what safety mechanism that could be? A “Blood Loss from Accidental Needle Dislodge System” would be an important invention in itself. Everyone should have a BLANDS.

This LA Times story has additional details and two very interesting photos: