Greetings all,

I had my first experience of a powercut during a session yesterday, about halfway through. All went fairly smoothly and we managed washback manually.

I’m going to call the techs tho as I was under the impression that the Gambros had a backup battery!

Also does anyone know where I can obtain a ‘pump handle’ for the Gambro machines (designed exactly for a powercut situation) They used to use them in peadiatrics…

Hey, JW, glad to hear you handled it okay. Here in the U.S., we call them “power outages”. :slight_smile: You might ask your clinic about the Gambro handle. Otherwise, Gambro has an online store for folks who are already their customers (like your clinic?). You can’t order from it without an account, but here’s the email address–perhaps whoever answers it could tell you how to go about getting the handle: weborders@us.gambro.com. Tell 'em where you live so they can get you to the right department.

Not fun… glad you got a portion of your treatment done, anyhow. A pain none the less.

I have a Gambro machine, and was given a handle, with my machine initially. It sits in a clamp at the rear of the machine. (Funny enough, I did not know that until I needed it… and my tech pointed out over the phone that it was there!)… Worth taking a look. My machine does not have back up power either. We looked at a generator… whew… way out of the ball park.

Otherwise, I would suspect you should be able to get one from whomever directly supplies you, your machine.

Good luck!

Kidney_Mom in Canada