Pro and cons transplantation

I am on home hemodialysis for 10 months and on deceased donor wait list “ very good contender” as doctors said, at 63 years old
My own very deep research about transplant from deceased end up in a word “lottery “ in regards of improved life quality, better health
than home hemodialysis
I am bias with one thing, I don’t have any other health problem, good heart, good blood pressure, no diabetes, no cholesterol
Can I ask real example how long people been on hemodialysis
Thank you

Hi Liv,
If you’re on Facebook, you might want to ask to join the Home Dialysis Central FB group. it’s a moderated closed group to maintain members’ privacy. You have to answer 3 simple questions for a moderator to admit you to the group. There are almost 6,000 members, many of whom are doing or have done HD and some have received transplants. I’m sure they could provide their experience.

From my experience as a social worker and coordinator of CKD patient education classes and research, transplants that work well (most do) yield better quality of life than dialysis. However, a transplant is another treatment with benefits and burdens. Drugs to prevent rejection are costly and have side effects. One of the best things about a transplant is that the time it takes to take the pills is much shorter than the time it takes to do dialysis.

I really depends on your doctor. I was placed on the transplant list very early (before i started dialysis). I started 01/19 and received my transplant 05/20. I had an oportunity to have surgery 11/19 but had a fever and was advised against it.