Problems with everything oh yea

when on hemodialysis first i needed blood and had lots of weakness and i am on large amounts of epo still and iam still having fulid over loaed ness and i measure out what i drink. when i feel worse or eatten somthing not on my list have to go bath room for a dump of waste and fluid then i know high potassium got me now and when i feel weak , then i drink kayexlate and water and i then i know i screwed up agian. fact never mess with foods not on your list of safe foods ok. drinking fruit drinks oh boy be careful too. on this ten years i still have not got the hang of it yet perfectly ok. iam slowly doing what is right now ok. protein i hate chicken and i hate some fish and i hate some beef ok and i hate pork ok and some foods i hate so badly ok,big problem not 65years old and no one will cover me for suplementary insurance.on government programs iam lucky for that ok/problem drink a little bit fluid gets to my feet and legs and later face when i lay down.worn out to fast doing a little bit of work around my yard. that is bad too i got home and had to sleep for a few hours then i ate food and drank some i still feel junky today. anyway some days things are fine. for a while. feeling cold all the time when room temp is 80 degrees . my electric bills are high. that is life with kidney diease ok. end of dialysis session worn out too some times ok.[list=][/list][list=][ul][/ul][/list]

I hope that you have been talking with your dietitian about your difficulty controlling your diet and fluids. He/she should be able to help you figure out foods that you like that are on your diet and give you tips for controlling your fluid intake. You might want to look at stories and tips on the Life Options website ( for ideas that patients and professionals have shared there about diet and fluids.

I couldn’t tell for sure from your message, but it sounds like you are on in-center hemodialysis. Patients on home hemodialysis, especially those on daily or nocturnal home hemodialysis, often have fewer restrictions and fewer symptoms than patients on in-center hemodialysis. Does your clinic offer home hemodialysis? If so, have you asked what it would take for you to be considered for home hemodialysis? If you showed you could safely take more responsibility, you might just be considered.

Hi Eugene, and welcome to Home Dialysis Central.

As Beth said, if you get more dialysis (at home), your diet doesn’t have to do so much of the work of keeping your blood clean, and you don’t have to limit your fluids so much. It sounds like these things are hard for you.

Another good place to learn more about diet and fluids on dialysis is Kidney School, our FREE, on-line kidney learning center. Check out the module on nutrition and fluids for people on dialsyis, at: