Protecting my fistula

My fistula is 21 years old (got it when I was 29) and it works great. My URR at 3:20 is consistently 79%. However over the years it has formed a large Pseudo aneurysm on my fore-arm which needs to be protected. I have been cutting the tops off of white cotton athletic socks to cover it, but I’m wondering if there is a product made for this purpose. I’m thinking of maybe a 5" long zip-up Kevlar sleeve with perforations to allow the skin to breath.
Do any of you know of such a product or can you recommend a catalog where I might search for it?
Thanks, Rusty.

PS This is the first time I have visited this site. It looks very useful.

Hi Rusty, how long have you been doing dialysis at home? Anyway, you could save money by just using the sewing machine to add a zipper to any garment you wish to use…that’s the way I do it…