Protest National Health Care

I am not sure that some of you are aware that the current government is trying to ram government health care down the throats of the voters. It is stated that a government system will compete with private insurance, this is bunch of foolishness. Eventually, the government system will crowd out the private market, reducing reimbursement rates, and physicians and nurses will leave the health care system, causing long lines and horrible health care.

Why would you pursue a career to be a physician or a specialized nurse, if you were unable to pay off a large student loan? How long do you want you and others to wait for a kidney transplant? Currently, Medicare is expensive because the goverment is paying 45 percent of all Medical claims in the United States. The way to reduce these costs is consumer choice.

In Sweden, the government decides what drugs you are able to purchase with your own private money, do we want that in the United States? The government knows more about our health care than we do??? Business will not be able to afford these tax increases and people are going to be laid off or fired, resulting less tax revenue to the government, along with high budget deficits.

In states where government health care has been tried, this system has been an object failure. In my state of Ohio, high taxes have result in businesses and corporations moving out of the state, If you are wondering, Ohio has the 3rd highest tax rate in the nation, behind California and New York, now, in a few years, Ohio will be facing huge budget deficits. Guess which programs are going to be cut, Medicaid, take a wild guess who will be hurt by these cuts? National health care will hurt the sick and the elderly, consumer choice health care equals compassion.