Psychological Assessment


I have been working as a system administrator in an IT consultancy based in Toronto for more than six years. I even have to work shifts almost every day. It's really a low pay drudge work and I'm planning to quit.

Recently, I lost a very close friend of mine to suicide. It sent me into a cage! Her name is Diana and she was from Mississauga. I feel trapped and the current situation is disgusting. To live another day is an unfeasible task for me now. Earlier, I used to be smart and talkative. But now, I have become such an introvert!

Last day, I went to a therapy center in Toronto for further psychological assessment. The doctor insisted me to undergo Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is supposed to be really effective. I googled and found that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based psychological treatment for a wide range of problems such as mood issues, stress management, and anxiety. I need to know more about this treatment. Kindly share your experience!

Losing your close friend to suicide shook your world. It sounds like it led you to have negative thoughts, which led to negative feelings, and may lead you to take actions that may or may not be good for you. Depression is a very common response to having a life-altering disease and depending on a life-sustaining treatment, doctors, and other healthcare professionals even without having a close friend die from suicide. A number of social workers in the U.S. are using cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques with dialysis patients who have depression. As you say, CBT has been found through research to be very effective. CBT includes homework assignments to help you learn how to manage your feelings, thoughts and actions related to events.I believe your doctor’s recommendation is a good one. You can read about how CBT works with anxiety in this Canadian article.