PureFlow Alarm 44 - No Flow Detected

After seven hours of making a new batch and right before the conductivity test, I got a 44 alarm. What happened was the tubing got caught between the dialysate bag and the inner wall of the tub. As you probably know, once the bag is filled, there’s no way you’re going to be able to pull the tub out (too bad the tub isn’t on rollers or ball bearings either). It actually took quite a bit of work to yank out the tubing from inside the tub. I also had to be very careful as to not jostle the inner door so as not to get a #15, which would definitely have forced me to drain the entire 60L and waste seven hours. So even though the manual on page 53 states “Slide the Dialysate Tub in completely and close the door. Be sure that the tubing does not get caught in the door and is not kinked” and the picture indicates the user tucking in the tubing, there is still no guarantee it still won’t cause an error. The best bet might be to leave the tubing outside of the tub until the batch is made and then put it inside the tub afterwards. I guess I’m still learning on the job!

Rich Berkowitz

NxStage 2/06

haven’t had that one yet. ~Knock on Wood~