question about PD


hello.I have baxter HomeChoicePro peritoneal dialys machine and i’m intersted what does error 2042 and error 2445 mean .please write me back.
thank you in advance.


I was recently dismissed from fresenius because I made what cznebout as threst. Inhavevdnd stxgecrdbsl and Tourette syndrome. I really need geo getting into another clinic. I contacted dislysisadbivstes. They said they would help and then backed out. What am I supposed to do.


Ron, you posted in another thread in August and said that you’d been discharged in July from a Fresenius clinic in NY. Most people who are discharged from a dialysis clinic and can’t find another dialysis clinic willing to admit them get their dialysis at a hospital through the emergency room. Most people in this situation don’t get dialysis regularly. Instead, they only get dialysis when their labs indicate an urgent need for dialysis. Most of the patients I’ve heard of getting dialysis through the hospital ER are getting hemodialysis.

Have you already contacted these places?

  1. ESRD Network of New York (IPRO) - (800) 238-3773
  2. NY State Survey Agency - (800) 804-5447
  3. CMS NY Regional Office -


Please call Baxter. The phone number is on the top of the machine along with your customer ID. They should have your script on file. They are extremely helpful and available 24/7


Please call Baxter :grinning: