question about uf ratio


The question came up somewhere else about a minimum UF rate being necessary for the dialysis machine to work. This wasn’t a problem for me during the two months I was on short daily, because with only 2 hours of treatment time, it’s extremely unlikely that the UF rate would be too low. However, with the 6-8 hours of nocturnal treatment, it’s very easy to drink all day when you’re thirsty, and still end up not gaining enough to ensure a high enough UF rate - especially on hot summer days when you lose quite a bit of fluid via perspiration and breathing. It has already happened to me a number of times that I ended up with a UF rate under 300ml/hour at treatment time. We’ve had particular hot weather here over the past month. So far, I’ve been able to add enough liquid intake during the treatment to make up for it.

This is good to know, because the dialysis machine itself will not prevent you from having a UF rate lower than the minimum for the dialyzer being used.


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