Re: how to calculate kt/v

Hi, I know this might sound silly, but even though my husband has been on dialysis for 3 years. I dont know how to calculate the kt/v. I know how to do a URR calculation… with pre & post results, but I have been reading and the kt/v is a better indication of good dialysis. So, could someone please tell me how to do this.

I understand it has to with dialysis clearance/time/weight. Is the dialysis clearance obtained from a pre/post blood test or not?

thanks in advance

I found two free on-line Kt/V calculators (one from India?!) at:

and also one on a very reputable site for doctors:

Someone named John Flanders offers free Kt/V software if you email him at

Hey cool sites, handy little tool there…thanks for posting this… 8)

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know how to figure kt/v either. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gus :slight_smile: I will try using one of those.