Rectal pain during intake ( home dialysis)

my dad does home dialysis 4 times a day…
thsi week he is experiencing rectal pain and it only happens during intake of fluids. This started started after he had to have his prostate examined…
any cause and solution for this problem?

It’s important for the PD catheter to be placed so the end of it is down near the rectum so as much solution can be removed after the dwell as possible. Some people have rectal pain at first while their bodies are getting used to having a catheter that’s a foreign body inside them. Do you have a straight catheter or curled one? I’ve heard that catheters can sometimes be too long and can rub. You might want to read this article that talks about PD issues, including rectal pain.

My father has been on pd since Early Jan of this year( 2006). In Nov/Dec of 2005 he underwent radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

He was doing fine on pd until he had to go for a post radiation check up last week of Jan 2006. the next day after chekc up , the rectal pain started and it has not stopped. He went to his Kidney dr and then to his surgeon who placed catheter and she could not find anything wrong. He also went for xray and the fluid seems to be flowing ok with no leakage.

His catheter I think is curled. Any suggestion how to stop this pain?

I wonder if a CT scan would show anything that the x-ray didn’t show – scarring, adhesions or how the fluid is distributed in his peritoneum.

The pain might be something unrelated to PD but that having fluid in the peritoneum aggravates. Here’s a website that discusses rectal pain in men. I wonder if a gastroenterologist (GI doctor) might have some ideas.

He was off dialysis for a week per dr’s instruction. After resumption, slight pain but now it has gone. He is doing well…5th month now. In good spirit.

I am very glad to hear this. What changed besides the short break in PD exchanges?