Red Eyes

Most everyone I see on 3x a week in-center hemo have red eyes. Does this condition, as well as the numerous other conditions that are by products of kidney disease, medications and barely adequate dialysis ( i.e thinning hair, bruising, bone pain etc.), clear up with more dialysis?

If the common wisdom about phosphorus being one of the culprits is right, I think it would be a reasonable assumption that daily nocturnal hemo would help, since it truly normalizes phosphorus levels. Even my pre-treatment phosphate level is within the normal range. Every treatment day, it goes from the high end of the normal range to just below the low end of it. But I don’t know of any specific studies about this.

Red eyes can occur when the calcium x phosphorus product is too high. This occurs when people eat too much phosphorus for their binders to cover. People on 3 times a week dialysis must limit the amount of phosphorus they eat in their diet and take the right amount of the right binder at the right time with meals to keep their calcium x phosphorus in the correct range.

People on nocturnal dialysis generally do not have the same diet limitations or need for phosphate binders. Some have to supplement phosphorus.

I saw other research that said another culprit is inadequate dialysis. More frequent dialysis results in better dialysis adequacy.