Removal of scar tissue for pd cath. placement

:slight_smile: Recently I tried to have pd placement, but could not recieve the placement because of scar tissue from an old wound. My question is: Does any one know of a surgeon in the east of the mississippi, who will take the time to remove all the scar tissue, so I can recieve the pd cath. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mike :slight_smile:

what is cath surgery

Unregistered, if you read our description of PD, it explains what a PD catheter (tube) is: You can also read about PD catheters in our articles:
• PD Catheter Placement: What to Expect -
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Malley, it would be great if someone who lives east of the Mississippi could give you a surgeon recommendation, but you might also ask if your nephrologist could recommend a surgeon for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have any sort of registry of doctors to help you with this, but it may well be possible to remove the scar tissue. Otherwise, if PD turns out not to be a good option for you, please do think about one of the types of home HD. You can learn about those at:

Sorry Malley, don’t know of a doctor over here that does that…