Renal care group northwest

let me just mention something i chose pd after 2 years of hd the clinic i was at was terrible and is run by a bunch of incompetant drama queens they care nothing about patients and have deprived them of all dignity ie;getting rid of the ice machine all the vending machines reusing oxygen tubing is this a standard protocol for all dialysis units or just rcg in lacey wa? just curious thank you

I’ve worked in dialysis since 1978. I never worked in a dialysis clinic that had an ice or vending machine for patients. It seems like it’s two-faced to tell people to watch what they eat and drink and then to put it in front of them to tempt them in the form of an ice or vending machine.

Many clinics have rules that forbid patients from eating and drinking on dialysis. This is done to keep the clinic pest-free, to keep patients from choking if they pass out during dialysis, and to free up patient care personnel to do their jobs instead of getting people food and drink.

My old clinic had the rule that patients who were diabetic and on dialysis during mealtimes or patients who were malnourished were allowed to eat and/or drink on dialysis, but others were encouraged to eat before or after dialysis. Some ate a snack in the waiting room while others stopped on the way to or from dialysis or ate at home.