Renal Research E-Book:

If any of you want more detailed information, especially in medical terms concerning kidney disease and complications you might want to visit this link and read the online version of “Kidney Atlas” by Robert W. Schrier


Hey Gus, bobeleanor here. I saw where you posted about another web page. How did you find that and do you really know people who have been helped? Please no names, just your word will be good.

bobeleanor :oops:

About another webpage? What are you talking about, am lost here…


In a post maked “lawsuit” you posted a page called dialysis ethic etc.


Oh that site, yes…I knew of that site since they first started…back then they had their forums on a free public hosted site where they’ve recieved many threats and at one point they shut down their forums…but eventually they succeeded and got back on their feet all for the cause of helping in-center dialysis patients… I’ve spoken to Arlene over there, this stuff is for real…these people will do something about it, they really care…

Gus, She had once offered to help me too. As I understand it she had some personal problems at one point but now is back. I don’t have time to go everywhere and had a hard time figuring out the new site, but do wish her and org. well. Thanks for the link though. Lin.


Thanks Gus

bobeleanor :slight_smile: