Required water treatment for well water for in home PD?

Investigating in home PD. We have a well - will we need special filters
or water purifier?

Nope. Your water is fine. PD uses sterile bags of fluid, so your water is only used to wash your hands. :slight_smile:

While on this subject, I am considering HHD and my water also comes from a well. It is filtered and UV treated and always comes out of the tap very clear, although I always filter it again with a Brita jug. Would a decent R.O. machine be enough?

The clinic would need to test your well water for bacterial count, mineral levels, and the presence of chemical residues and such (pesticides, etc.) to see if it can be treated to meet HHD safety standards. That’s the only way to tell. Some folks whose water does not meet those standards use a NxStage machine with bagged fluid, like PD. That may be another option. Rather than consider a treatment, you may want to look at this choice from the perspective of what option would let your life work best. If you haven’t seen our decision aid, My Life, My Dialysis Choice, it can help.

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awesome post ! Thank you for sharing .

I was wondering this as well, as we prepare for this journey. THanks.

Only hemodialysis (in-center and home) requires testing for water quality. PD doesn’t because the solution (dialysate) comes in pre-measured bags from the manufacturer.