Reverse Osmosis for NxStage PureFlow

I need Reverse Osmosis to deal with a high aluminum result in my water. Has anyone used some version of RO?

Could you use bagged dialysate instead of the PureFlow?

Thanks for responding, Beth. On advice (insistence, actually) from my nurse I am using hanging bags. Yet I liked using the PureFlow for months, so we’re getting advice on RO to clean the water source and return to using it. It’s a slow process of getting reliable advice, particularly in regards to the flow rate needed to feed the PureFlow . I think I’m close. Just wondering if anyone else has used RO systems.

The Home Dialysis Central site has descriptions of several ROs at Reverse Osmosis Machines - Home Dialysis Central.

You might want to contact NxStage to ask what they’d suggest. I reached out to nurse friend of mine who used to work as a nurse for NxStage to ask her if she’s known anyone using an RO with a NxStage cycler. I’ll post what she tells me.

If you join the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group, you could ask there too. When you click on this link, it will ask a few questions that you need to answer to be admitted. This is a private group with over 7000 members and because it’s private, what you say there stays there. Home Dialysis Central Discussion Group | Facebook

My nurse friend reported she was aware of some patients at a Fresenius clinic that used an RO with their NxStage cycler. She wasn’t aware of whether it was because of high aluminum level in source water for dialysis. I asked if she knew the brand. She says d no, but she thought it was likely the same brand as used in-center.