Reversing Lines

My husband got a new cath and we always have to run the lines in reverse, is that still safe?
We are 26 days away from Transplant

My last two catheters I’ve had to run in reverse. When I tried running them normally when I first got this latest catheter, it would run ok for 30 seconds or so, then I would find out just how hight the arterial pressure would register on the NxStage. It would spike up to around 400, and I would have to wait another 30 seconds for the pressure to come back down before I could press start again to get the pumps going. When I reverse, I can run at 450 bfr, and I rarely get alarms.

I’ve been on catheters now for just over a year - currently a trans-lumbar one, which I’ve had in for about 4 months. I too had pressure probs and constant alarms, with it the right way around, so the nurses all soon got used to transposing them automatically. Funny tho, I forgot to tell a new nurse, last week, & we ran it ‘normal’ way and the whole session was fine. But yes, it’s not uncommon to work better swapped.
Good luck with everything…

…and of course, that night we had to transpose again!! (300 pressure onthe venous)