RVing with PD machine

I am in stage 5 kidney failure but doing fine so far. I am preparing for PD and hope to avoid if possible! Don’t we all.
Anyway, I have begun preparation at my home by installing a drain and sink near my bed. Will probably be a Fresenius machine.
We have been traveling with our Truck and Travel Trailer and I would like to correspond with any others who are doing so while on Home PD. (Any type of RV)
If you do or know someone who does I would very much appreciate getting in contact. My e mail is charlesculotta@gmail.com


Hi Carmel,
Folks DO go traveling in RVs with home dialysis! Do you by any chance belong to Facebook? Much as we love the forums here, most people have migrated there, and we have an active group of folks who do PD and home HD–and a bunch of them love to travel in RVs! We would welcome you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeDialysisCentral/.

Dori how can i catch you on facebook? i need to ask you a question

Hi carmelojr, how did you install the sink and drain can you guide me? it lovely to have some valuable advice