Sad news: Bob O'Brien has passed away

Hi y’all,

I received this message from Bob’s wife, who gave me the okay to post it:

I am Bob’s wife and I would like to know if you could please let everyone know that Bob passed away Saturday night 10/10/09. They are doing an autopsy, but I believe it was the blood clot he had that they couldn’t treat because he had ulcers in his duodenum. If anyone wants to contact me, my email address is

He used this board a lot so I just wanted you all to know.

Eleanor O’Brien
207 Sugarman Rd
Coatesville, PA

I’m very sorry to hear of Bob’s passing. When any dialyzor dies, a part of us dies too. We’re all on this journey together and we try to help each other to keep our motors running for another day. He was a valued and colorful member of the forum. I will miss his posts and his passion in seeing justice in the treatment of dialyzors.

My condolences to his family. I couldn’t put it better then Rich did- my sentiments exactly. Bob had a strong passion for bringing out what is wrong with dialysis delivery and always stood up strong for his positions. I’ll miss his courage.