Safe venus pressures

The machine is configured to alarm when the Venus pressures crosses 380. For arterial pressure it alarms if it crosses 225. NxStage technical support suggests that anything below 380 for venus pressure is fine, however the dialysis nurse thinks anything above 250 for venus pressure rate is bad.

The max blood flow rate (BFR) is 350.

In the last week the venus pressure is consistently above 300 (300-350) when BFR is 350. but the machine never alarms as configured.

My understanding is that the arterial pressure on the NxStage cycler has a hard setting for when to alarm, but the venous doesn’t have a hard setting. When your venous pressure has settled, the alarm will be 60 below to 60 above that pressure.

Most clinics don’t want the venous pressure to be much over 250. Follow your clinic’s guideline on that. Report when your venous pressure is consistently higher (more than once or twice). If it’s consistently higher than 250, your home training nurse will probably suggest that you have your access evaluated to see if there is a problem with your access.

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