Saline for Home patients

Let me introduce myself, I am Edward B Arnold from Nashville TN I am 77 yrs old and have been on Dialysis for approximately 5 yrs. I have received some disturbing news from Fresenius when I tried to order my Saline that I use. I have been using the 5l bags and now Fresenius is saying I have to order 6l bags. Do you realize that 2 6L bags would make me have to throw away aat least 2 and a half of the saline. I have filed a complaint with Fresenius this morning and also with my clinic. Am I going to have to contact Medicare and report quite a bit of misappropiation.

Did you ask your home training nurse why the change was made? There may be a valid reason for it and it’s possible that it’s only temporary. If the weight of the bags is a problem, make sure the home training nurse knows that in case that makes a difference. BTW, the clinic cannot charge Medicare for saline it provides for home dialysis. Saline is included in what Medicare pays for home dialysis.

Hi, Edward! I’m assuming you mean dialysate, and not actually saline, the bags you place on the PD cycler? Fresenius did upgrade to the new bags because of the storage issues patients are having, and also because of the difficulty patients are having floating the cone, that little piece you break in the end, that’s not necessary anymore with the new bags. However, if you don’t want to make the switch, just let your home nurse know. It’s my understanding that the upgrade is optional.

Hey Edward,

You are one of the few areas that have the opportunity to 6L Fresneius bags. It’s an advantage to have the extra 2L, and since fresenius makes the product, there is no extra charge ti medicare or to any insurance. It’s ok if you have a little waste and it’s very impressive you’re a still in only 10L after 5 years! Typically there is no costs difference for the facility either when you order a 5L or 6L bag. Just ask your nurse if they are getting rid of the 5L, that could be simplest answer.

I agree with you, I hate waste too!


Are you on Hemo or PD. I also am 77 and am on PD didalysis through DAVITA AND BAXTER FROM MY SUPPLIES. We have had no problems with Baxter or Davita. I live in Arizona.