Sanitize heparin bottles

Whats the best way to clean the ports on PD bags and tops of heparin bottles to prevent infection?
I’m using an alcohol rub then 5 min iodine pad.
Also needles have a plastic cap on them. Is that safe or should the needle be cleaned also?
Thank you

So far as your question about disinfecting the medication port on PD bags, I found a study that compared alcohol and chlorhexidine over different timeframes. In looking at the risk of infection with different organisms. In their conclusion they said: “Our results suggest that the MP should be scrubbed with 2% chlorhexidine for at least 5 s; if alcohol 70% is used the length of friction should not be inferior to 10 s.” MP = Medication port and “s” = seconds.

So far as disinfecting the septum of the heparin vial, the CDC states after you do hand hygiene to disinfect the septum with alcohol before piercing it.

Needles are sterile when you get them as long as they are covered by the original plastic cap. You do not need to disinfect them and by doing so, you would run the risk of puncturing your skin and rendering them non-sterile.