Sauna on Peritoneal Dialysis

wondering if anyone has any experience w patients on peritoneal dialysis wanting to use sauna. please advise.

I looked in PubMed to see if there were any peer-reviewed studies on this topic, and there were not. In PRE-dialysis, it may be possible to reduce water and toxins in the body by sweating–through saunas, exercise, traditional sweat lodges, etc. But, on PD there may be a risk of infection if you sweat around your catheter exit site. I have asked an expert nurse and will see what I can find out for you.

thanks Dori. when I have informed patients in the past that it is not recommended they have been satisfied with that answer. so since I have a patient making request, I am now chasing an answer. I’m thinking it won’t be recommended, as you say, if you sweat there is risk of infection. I’m also thinking it will lower patients BP so if it is low they will just feel worse anyway. I will await your answer. regards, Tania

The nurse I asked agreed that this is not a good idea, because of the high heat, which bacteria love–essentially the same reason why hot tubs are also unwise for people on PD.