Saying goodbye to my Fresenius

Well, that time has come. They are coming tomorrow to take my dialysis system away. It’s going to feel funny not having it around anymore, but I will sure be glad for the free space. Over the past few months, before the transplant, after 4 years on dialysis, I was really starting to think this day would never come for me.

It’s all going very well so far. I’m down to weekly transplant clinic visits now. Those daily ones the first few weeks were murder. That included even weekends. Down to only 12.5 mg of prednisone already, on the way to 5 mg daily. Down to only 3 mg of tacrolimus (Prograf). No BP meds at all.

The only downside to all this, should it ever become a problem, is that I would not be able to automatically get back on home hemo. There’s a waiting list. But then, I have to take inspiration from the guy ahead of me at the tx clinic this morning who was booking his next follow up for a year from now - and he has had the same transplanted kidney for 27 years!

There’s not much relevance to my hanging around here that much anymore. I feel like kind of an outsider now. I’ve greatly enjoyed this forum and all the people on it - yes, even Bill with whom I could never see eye to eye on some things like what short daily actually is :slight_smile:

Things change, and it’s time to move on and forget about dialysis for as long as possible, before the moderators have to tell me this isn’t a transplant forum. Best of luck to everyone.

Foundation for IgA Nephropathy

P.S. I’m loathe to add to my daily load of spam by posting an email address here, but if you know where to reach me, please don’t hesitate. And Beachy, don’t let those NxStage boosters get you down :slight_smile:

Oh, if we have emailed in the past, I lost all my emails and addressbook just before the transplant in August when my computer crashed irrevocably. Everything is gone. Too busy with home hemo to have done proper backups, sad to say. Some excuse, eh!

Good bye Pierre, have fun! :smiley:

Living the Vida Loca,


Good-Bye and Lots of Luck. I sure am going to miss the knowledge you gave us all. If you get a chance do stop by once in a while. Just because you aren’t doing nocturnal doesn’t mean you don’t know nocturnal and you gave patients a wealth of information. I’m glad your day has come.

Hi Pierre,
I’m sure that Dori feels the same way I do and Marty does. Your contribution to the website has been immeasurable. I hope that you do drop back in to give us an update. Feel free to answer questions about dialysis based on your experience. Just because you have a transplant now doesn’t mean that you forgot all you knew about dialysis and no longer have anything worthwhile sharing. I hope that your transplant lasts a very long time.