Seeing great results to home hemo!

I’m so excited that after about only a week and a half of daily short home hemo I’m seeing great results in my labs and blood pressure!!! I’m so excited!!! My blood pressures have been in the 130-140’s and I got my last labs back today and my phos was 2.4!!! can you belive that?!! I’ve never had it be that low!!!

No way, you must be kidding! :shock:

not kidding, unless there was a lab error. that was post treatment labs too.

There’s no mistake. Your results are very consistent with mine when I went for 3/week hemo to short daily. The more frequent treatments do that. They got even more spectacular almost immediately when I then made the switch to daily nocturnal, because you get both more frequent and much longer treatments.


It’s time for “Chucky Cheese”!!! 8)

chucky cheese? haha im 14 not five. why chucky cheese? I’d rather had taco bell!!!

Yes, its for all ages plus they serve alot of cheese there! :stuck_out_tongue: I even still go there!! Haha… :wink: