Seeking dialysis patient-artists for the Core Curriculum for Dialysis Technicians

Hi y’all,

The Medical Education Institute (which does this site) is working on the 5th Edition of the Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician–the premier textbook that is used in the US to train new techs. I’d like to find people on dialysis who are artists to do original cover art for each of the 8 modules.

My goal is to help patient care techs realize that patients are people and that they need to care for each of their patients as if they were family members. So, each piece needs to focus on people–and also relate to the topic of the module. The 8 modules are:
– Introduction (history, laws, payment)
– The Person with ESRD (physiology, side effects, diet, rehab)
– Principles of Hemodialysis (diffusion, osmosis, ultrafiltration)
– Hemodialysis Devices (machines, dialyzers, blood lines)
– Vascular Access (fistulas, grafts, catheters, cannulation, Buttonhole technique)
– Hemodialysis Procedures (infection control, steps of the dialysis process, taking vital signs…)
– Dialyzer Reprocessing
– Water Treatment

My vision is for a different artist to do each cover, so we need 8 artists. On the inside cover, we’d like to include a brief paragraph about you, the art piece, and how important you feel patient care techs can be to your day-to-day health and well-being. We reserve the right to choose all art pieces, and you will need to sign the copyright for the piece over to us (Amgen holds the copyright for the book). We will pay an honorarium of $100 for each piece we use in the final book.

The art itself needs to:
Be in Black and White.
Be from 5x7" to 8.5"x11" in size (no smaller or larger)
Not be a cartoon, but any other two dimensional style is acceptable–photos, collage, pen and ink, watercolor (black and white…), tempera paint, oil paint, silhouette, whatever. Pieces that can be sent to us in digital form, either made on a computer or scanned would be especially helpful.

If you are interested, message me through these boards. We need pieces we can use for all 8 modules to make this work, so if we get 100 pieces for The Person with ESRD and none for the others, we won’t be able to use any of them. Please forward this to any artists you know who are on dialysis! We will jury pieces by September 1, 2011.