Sensitive teeth and tongue

Hi Guys,

New recent things have arisin - sensitive teeth and also strange sensation on the tongue. Anyone else with this?

The sensitive teeth thing is when eating - food - drink - dental health very good, but still sensitive. Any ideas?

Tonight got strange sensation in my tongue, hard to describe, recently having low BP, maybe related. Any more ideas?

Thanks guys,

Caroline and Aidan

I’d suggest you report your symptoms to your home training nurse and/or nephrologist. Report anything that new with your treatment including your use of prescribed and over-the-counter medications or herbs and trends in your vital signs, including your weight, temperature, and blood pressure. Here is an article from MedlinePlus with information about types of tongue problems and what can cause them:

Sensitive teeth and a strange sensation with your tongue might also be related your dental health. If you haven’t seen your dentist lately, you might want to make an appointment for an evaluation to see if you have good alignment of your teeth, have cavities, are grinding your teeth, etc. Here are a couple of articles related to dental management of dialysis patients. The first is a general article. The second is an article from Canada that describes a study of dialysis patients’ dental health. The abstract is in French, but the article is in English.