Set up, plumbing & sink?

I’ve had my home haemo assesment, and all is going forward, providing the staff at the unit think me & my carer are confident & experienced enough.

A few questions, we’ve been told we will get plumbing & electrical sorted out for the machine, but no sink? The nearest sink is down the corridor! I’m wondering how your supposed to drain bicarts when they don’t drain, & the priming bag after priming the machine? Or wash your hands.

We suspect this is a costcutting measure, & will probably add a sink to the room ourselves, as not having a sink makes no sense!

It’s going to take around another 6 weeks before any works starts so another 6 weeks of in unit training, before I’m on my own. Well, with mum as carer.

I’m in London, UK :), just fyi

Don’t know if this will help or not but this is what we did. We put a drain pipe in the bedroom then put a collar on top of the pipe. Bought a $25.00 plastic sink at a home depot and set that over the drain pipe. Our water supply comes in by the sink it’s just a hose connection with 2 outlets. When I want water in the sink open 1. When I want water to the machine close the one valve and open the 2nd one. If I need to I can just pick the sink up and carry it out of the room. Sinks weren’t a requirement in our program but they are very, very handy.