Setting up bedroom for PD ACVICE SOUGHT

In the near future I will be compelled to begin PD at home. I am seeking advice on what I “think” that I need to do to prepare.

Our home is off the ground so we have easy access under the floor which makes addition to plumbing doable. That said, I am thinking of installing a free standing bathroom style vanity next to my bed. This would have drawers for storage, a wide surface area measuring 45 inches total width, and a small, say 8 inch diameter basin on one end. The cycler would be placed on the other end with room for the bags of liquid to lay flat on the surface.

It would seem that having a basin at this point would be a benefit, washing up and the like. Aside, we do have an attached bath but it is across the room from the side of the bed that I would have to use and a long discharge tube would be required.

I could discharge the effluent into the basin that would be connected to the sewer or I could have access to the drain line after the basin and before the drain penetrates the floor.
In either case would smell be an issue?
If so I could address that.

Thanks and I look forward to any comments.

Oh, I have looked for pictures on the forum but found none. If it is possible to post a pic and someone has a pic of a neat setup that would be grand.


The bedside vanity sounds like a VERY cool idea, CCC. You will need access to the drain to pour some bleach down it weekly, or smell CAN be an issue, I’m told by folks who do PD.

I hope that you do get some responses here in this forum. If not, we have noticed that a lot of folks have moved to Facebook, and have an active discussion group there with just about 1500 people, and LOTS of folks on PD who will be happy to share their set-up photos. :slight_smile: We’d love to have you!